Newbie - 2 ?’s: back door holding water & upgrade possible for backup cam/nav display

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Jul 26, 2023
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2n Gen Owner
Hello everyone - I recently purchased a 2007 Sport Trac limited and have one major issue with water in back driver side area. after a rain, the door area (I don’t think it’s the actual door) holds water indefinitely until the back door is opened then the water will drain when opened. At first I thought it may be the sunroof drain but I did a water test and the water drained nicely from both drain hoses onto the ground. There Is a considerable amount of rust damage to the truck in that lower level as well. Can anyone suggest where to look and fix why this door area isn’t allowing water to drain away?

Second, is it possible to upgrade the display/navigation with a backup camera system - I’m more interested in the backup camera than upgrading the navigation and radio but I imagine this may all in the same unit. Is it possible to switch it out without buying a separate camera system?
Water leak, check the rear brake light - it was my leak and there are several threads on how to easily repair/stop the leak into the cab.
Not sure if I'm getting the complete pic in my head, BUT in the bottom of the doors are drains. Some of them have a little plastic "frame" around them. I've always removed that frame and used a small ended air blower to help clean out any "restrictions", that might be in the way.

OR you could use a small wire tie to clean it up.

IF I'm getting your question hope this helps.
Look on the bottom of the door, there is a plastic/steel looking clip on it. Get a screwdriver pop those things off. Dirt and sediment will drain down between the windows and doors. Takes a long time, but it will happen

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