Power Door Lock Button On Doors.

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2004 Sport Trac Adrenaline 4.0 4x4
May 11, 2022
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Hey ST people, I have an 04 Adrenaline, 4.0 4x4 and an odd problem. The power locks, the keyfob works, the outside door pad works, for both lock and unlock, but the inside door switch will unlock, but not lock, and it's both drivers and passengers doors. I've been thru the boot in the driver's door and repaired anything broken, all five of them, what a horrible little place to get your hands into. But my reasoning is that is the other lock functions work, it's not the actuator, or the latch assembly. Now I'm not sure if the inside lock function has its own relay or not. I've read it does but it was an explorer, not an ST. But these are different. My Sherlock Holmes powers of deduction tell me that it has to be between where the door lock buttons are spliced together and the actuators. I think this because the fob and pad work to lock it. The explorer forum said that splice was in the conduit beside the driver's seat in the floor under the trim. But again that's an explorer. So I need to know if anyone knows where the splice is, and if anyone knows where the relays are. I've read relays are behind the glove box or up under the column or under the driver's kick panel by the ebrake. Any help would be awesome, thanks so much.