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Craig Martin 2

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Jan 26, 2009
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Hey guys I'm just recently started getting this squeek in the rear suspension. Just wondering what it might be. Happens on take off from a light...over every bump....and when I stop. I can't enjoy having the rear window open anymore as it is sooooo loud! I've never towed anything with my ST YET lol nor have I ever had any type of weight in there. Any ideas how to fix/resolve this issue??? BTW it's a 2005 Adrenilen 4x4;)b
The ST is known for squeaky leaf springs and sway bar links. Try WD40 on the leafs and if this solves your problem I beleive Ford sells a grease (probably just plain lithium grease packaged ith a fancy oval and an extensive price).

Good luck!

I used Armorall on my suspention rubbers, it even helped the rough ride.

good luck Ed
Kegger, get under there and push up on the back end (bench press) to see where it is coming from. Most of my squeeks have been coming from the endlinks.(from the bolt being rusted and the endlink turning around it) Not the main bushings on the axle. I also had a shock sqeek once.;)
Thanks for the quick replies :cool: When I hit up my parents place this week I'll giv'er a try.
You know what's awesome, I haven't really messed around in the bed for a while, but I was getting a new tonneau put on so I took the old one off. Damn squeak starts driving me nuts. I track it to the top bed rail on the tailgate you know the "bed liner". It slides a little, get the silicone spray, psssst, gone. then I push on the panel, squeak, pssssst, gone. Then I close the tailgate, creeeeak, whip out a second can of liquid wrench and go at it 2 fisted with people looking at me like WTF? pssssssst, psssssssssssssst, pssssst, pssssssssssssssssst, gone.

I haven't really maintained the trac much in the past 3 years, and man I'm going front to back with maintenance now before it rolls 100K. I missed all the fun futzing with everything on this truck, but now I think I'm going overboard.

That loud creak is 99% the rear bushings or links. If it was a chirp, your tire needs to be cranked up. Clunk, check your back seat floor bolts. Clack, something in the bed. Whine from passenger seat, wife.
I have a constant squeak in the rear suspension too. I tracked it down to the leaf springs. Between the leaves at the ends there is a plastic spacer missing allowing the the shorter leaf end to rub against the leaf above it. The spacer looks like a disc with a short protrusion that lets it sit in the lower leaf sandwiched by the upper leaf. I don't know how it fell out. I tried to pry the two leaves apart to get some grease in there but it was hard and I didn't want to bend my screwdriver. Someday I'll put some effort in to it and put a spacer in there but for now I just hit it with some WD-40 and turn up the radio.
White Lithium Grease... spray it into the TailGate latch mechanisms where the TailGate closes onto the two horizontal post things.

I had to find this out the hard, expensive way. A Dealer hearing me complain that "my rear window seems to be squeeking like crazy" said it was probably the scissor-like motor mechanism that lifts the rear window.

The ba$tard HAD to have known that was NOT the issue.

After having the work done.... they had washed the truck... thus some water and perhaps soap temporarily shut-up the squeek.... but I didn't get much down the road.. then had to return pissed-off.... before talking to the same Maintenance Supervisor guy... some some kid who drives the cars back to the mechs, grabbed the White Lithuim Grease and BadaBign it shuts up.

The said they couldn't take-back the part they ordered for me... I made one helluva stink... they at least gave me a "creit" for the labor.

couple years later I go back to this same $tealer because my Check Engine light came on... they had it for the day... i worked from their with my laptop... the guy said it was a valve in the EVAP canister... that they mechanically cleared it out.... then disconnected the battery for a full hour or something BESIDES doing the normal code reset .

I get back in it... no check engine light... the invoice states I no longer have the $250 dollar credit on my account... I leave.... wasn't even 15 minutes down the road... check engine light came back on again.

Never going to to Huntington Beach (CA) Ford for maintenance ever again. :angry: