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Jun 7, 2020
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Hello all. So I have a 2007 ST Limited and the screen on the stereo went out. Figure it's time for an upgrade. I plan to go with a after market stereo, but keep the speakers and subwoofer since they still work great. My ST doesn't have the Ford Sync, so I would like to add phone control switch onto my steering wheel. My question is can I replace my audio control switch with another year that has the audio and phone, like an 08? I'm thinking it should work since I'm swapping out the stereo anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated
The audio is through the Sync, Its not worth the hassle and time to do that. Get a good Car play radio and just use the radio to make the calls. Easier and cheaper. Looked into this for my 2010 and high quality gear was close to $1500 installed.
I have a aftermarket stereo, and set the steering wheel controls to work with it. However on the volume and forward buttons seem to work.
The phone work only through the stereo.

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