Tailgate open light?

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Chad Bice

Apr 8, 2008
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Sand Lake, MI
This is an unusual question, I know, but it happens to me all the time. I have a tonneau cover and I will put stuff in the bed, but forget to close the tailgate. The next thing I know, stuff is flying out of the back of the truck. There is the idiot light in the dash that tells me that there is a door ajar. Has anyone ever made that light work in conjunction with the tailgate being open? Thanks.
It was mentioned a little while ago... YOU could simply wire in a micro switch to a light in the cab... Then install a bypass switch so if you remove the tailgate or purposely you can turn the light off...

Todd Z
Something like this was posted not long ago. As I recall, it has not been done. Shouldn't be difficult, though. Tap in to the circuit for the Door Ajar warning light and run a line to an normally open switch mounted where the tailgate will activate it.
I have forgoten to shut the tailgate also, but I have the rubber ST bed liner. You almost have to try and shake something lose from the bed liner. Everything pertty well stays where you put it. I never lost anything when I forgot to shut the tailgate. The bed liner and the rear window deflector are the two mods I could not live without. If you don't have the rubber ST bed liner, look into getting one.
I just ordered and installed the Sport Trac bedliner last week after 6 years of ownership.

I didn't even know they existed until I found this forum.

I love the look and the tackiness.

I got it from one of our sponsors for $75 dollars including shipping. :)