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Dec 26, 2023
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Ocala Florida
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2n Gen Owner
Good morning to All. I am anticipating some issues with regard to transmission cooler lines and exhaust manifold/systems in the future as my 2010 Ltd 4x4 4.6 began it's life in the northern region and it has some rust issues. Does anyone here know if there are sources outside of oem parts, namely Trans cooler lines and exhaust manifolds. Are there any bolt-on no fuss headers and x-pipe,and hi-flow cats and transmission cooler linesets available for this vehicle? I have a great exhaust pipe bender/installer guy. I want to keep it quiet while unlocking all power available. I will also acquire an SCT tuner for this. I'm also more interested in economy more so than I am increasing horsepower output but torque is optimum for economy and towing power. I welcome your thoughts on this inquiry. Blessings!
If the lines are rusted through(or almost), I would replace with oem. Another option would be to cut the hard lines off and run oil/pressure(hydraulic) rated hose. Not ideal, but works well.

No one makes headers for these. There was one company that made 2 custom sets, but they are out of business now. The mustang gt Pypes shorties “work”, but with a LOT of cutting and welding. There is a thread around here that shows all the modifications needed.
I’m sure a performance shop that builds headers could fab some up, but expect them to run in the $2500 ballpark.

If you want something fairly noticeable, but still EXTREMELY tame while cruising, I would swap in a 2011-2016 f150 5.0 muffler. They are a straight through design, flow very well, and are a ford part(so should outlast most aftermarket stuff). It can support wayyyy more hp than the 4.6 can make(with stock rods). The stock muffler and resonator on these trucks is a HUGE restriction. Also, ditch the xpipe idea, unless you plan on making the exhaust equal length before the xpipe. Even then, without headers, it’s only going to help sound.

My exhaust thread is around here somewhere. But my setup consists of 2.5” piping off the stock cats, into a flow master y-pipe, into the f150 muffler, and dumped.
I have a set of stock manifolds that I ported and coated, but have yet to tackle that massive task(broken studs).

If you’re looking for economy… a tune, Underdrive pulley, ported throttle body, fresh plugs, make sure the IMRC are working, and drive it lightly.

The best I’ve ever managed was 27mpg at 65-70mph. But I’m lowered, 2wd, everything above(plus cams). I did notice a bump in mileage when I swapped out my stock injectors for the brown tops, but this could have been the high mileage stock ones having poor atomization.

Now I’m lucky to get 15mpg 🫣
It’s obviously not a drop in kind of fit, but if you’ve got a muffler guy, it’s an easy install for them.
My plan is to freshen up everything from the cats back. What size pipe do you recommend and do you know of anyone who offers a tune for this setup? I also plan to use stock air filter equipment with a K&N replacement filter.
Thanks for your attention.
At stock-ish power levels, the stock y pipe is fine.

Torrie @ unleashed tuning is your go to for these. He’s tuned a few of my vehicles, does a great job.

The drop in K&N isn’t really worth the money/headache(I stay away from oiled filters on maf equipped vehicles). Just keep a fresh good paper filter in it. Or build your own intake(couple threads about that here too). Either way, there isn’t much power with any CAI/aftermarket filter setup, mainly sound.