Was there ever a V8, AWD, Supercharged ST (Adrenaline)?

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Jun 30, 2021
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Tulsa, OK
I know Ford WANTED to do that, but did that happen? If so, what year(s) did it happen? Also, was it a solid-axle, or was it an IRS vehicle? I was shocked to learn that IRS was done on any ST, after the crud the '03/'04 Cobras had. But my '08 has IRS. So shocked, I guess, in a good way. But what was the power-adder and AWD combinations, please?

I ask, b/c I really want AWD, or, at least, 4x4 on any vehicle my wife drives here in OK. We just got rid of a SHO, which was AWD, twin-turbo V6, and did very well. I love those newer SHO's the same way I love Lightnings and these ST's. They're 'speciality' vehicles, at least to me.
The Adrenalin concept originally had a supercharged 4.6L engine, but it never saw production. The Adrenalin package is merely a trim/apperance package (the AWD rather than 4WD the exception). Brenspeed Performance in Indiana can install a turnkey 500HP supercharger package that looks and feels factory.
Well the guy who owns the Red adrenalin concept truck ( originally white) does not have a supercharger on it and its actually a 2V 4.6, not the 3V.
So none of them out there are pushing 500HP from the factory? I was hoping to buy a 600-HP (at least flywheel), and none were ever made like that from Ford?
I really thought those were out there. They LOOK the part, at least! They're an incredible-looking bit of add-on bits, I guess. So, I have a 4x4 v8. I want to make mine into what it SHOULD have been. What cosmetic parts were changed (and I think it's just in the front 1/3 where the changes were made.) What parts do I need to scavenge to make my ST into an STA (on the outside, i'll take care of the underhood with a SC or turbos)?
None factory and none made that way.
almost every body panel is different. Rear bumper, bedsides do not have flares on them and there are no holes in them, The side steps are completely adrenalin specific and completely obsolete unless you are lucky enough to get a pair from a junkyard, The front fenders do not have holes in them for the flares and they have the side vents. As well as the front facia and the front grill.
Glad to see your setup retains the factory fan.... Others don't, pisses me off...lol