Water Pump Issues causes "back order" at Ford?

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Aug 15, 2018
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I have a 2001 Sport Trac with 37,000 oem miles. Water pump began to leak out the weep hole. I ordered a new one from Ford parts .com and it is "back ordered" with no delivery date when available. I called and the pumps are not available from Ford directly only from independent warehouse sellers. I don't want to purchase a pump that has a hold from Ford if there is an issue with the pump manufacture Ford uses. I see there is an issue with newer Ford engines which have had pump issues/problems but unsure if it affects my 2001 4.0. Any thoughts?
Rockauto has several name brand pumps available
My problem was that Ford.com wasn't forthright about cancelling my original order which preventing me from ordering another one with my credit card already pending a charge. In the meantime surfing the net I noticed there has been issues about ford water pumps in resent vehicles. Concerned that the my Ford water pump was on hold from the manufacture (Melling Industries) because of some defect? I reached out to them and they responded they don't make a water pump for my application. Interesting ??? Wonder who really makes the OEM Ford water pump # PW458 ??
Anyway Ford.com finally sent me a email at 3:34 am (my time) cancelling my original order. The local Ford dealership has them in stock and will honor the Ford.com price. Still wondering who makes the Ford PW458 pump? Any guess's ??
Picked up the new water pump at dealership. They matched the price from ford.com. $113.00. I Was wondering who makes this water pump and label on box indicates Germany. Interesting that where the oem motor is from I believe.

Anyway upon inspection I noticed it came with a metal gasket. Not familiar with this type except with a head gasket types. I know using a metal gasket you need to make sure your bolts and threads are very clean so you get a true torc (89 in pd) on the bolts to seat the metal gasket. Comments about the metal type is that they are used for high temperature and pressure applications. Aftermarket pumps come with paper and after gooping them up with sealer before install. Should I go with the metal and clean the threads and bolts or just get a paper and goop it up?


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cont. Anyone know the thread type and size of bolts so I can match with a thread chaser to clean threaded holes?
cont. Anyone know the thread type and size of bolts so I can match with a thread chaser to clean threaded holes?
WaterPump for Ford V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine:

Personal pref is to soak pump bearing\shaft in PenetratingOil for an hour each side before install; never know how long its been on a shelf drying out or corroding. Old+New Pump pics below; installed CPW brand ~$40 in 2016; no issue since. Never seen metal gasket on this Pump? Dressed the Fibre\Paper Gasket with a smear of HiTemp RTV both sides. Ford#6L2z-8501-a or FelPro#35474

Pump has 12ea FlangeBolts
M5*1.0 = 0m005Diam * 0m001Thrd * 0m020Long * 0m008HexHead
Dab of Grease\PetroleumJelly\AntiSieze on each
prevents seizing, courtesy for next poor bas'ard who has to work on it.
Torq to 07pf = 89pi = 10nm

While changing WaterPump, consider also renewing 16psiRadCap & ThermoStat & short BypassHose at the top of the Pump + RadiatorHoses + HeaterHoses + Clamps & PlasticFan+FanClutch & SerpBelt+BeltTensioner+IdlerPulley. Of course backflush Radiator & HeaterCore, then fill with fresh 50/50 Coolant, burp + topoff as needed. Personal pref is to BackFlush & renew RadCap+ThermoStat+Coolant every 33kMiles\4yrs; inspect the rest at that time & renew as needed. Highly recommended considering Vegas heat.

Hopefully ths helps.



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Thanks for reply Dillard000,

I attached context of shipping box with shelf label that I thought would indicate a production date and place of origin. Pic #3, #4 and #5 shows the gasket. Seems it's coated with what looks to me some sort of teflon. Also it looks like a crush type by the looks of the grove around edges. I'm very curious as to what I'll fine when I remove the old pump. I think that will tell the direction I'll take with the gasket. Wondering if Ford engineers have come up with a new and improved gasket? Or is this a gasket used in engine production only with fresh surfaces to mate to. No instructions included in box. Thanks for your extensive research. You're so right once I'm in there might as well replace hoses and belts. The truck has never overheated but began to leak from the pump. Nice pictures you included !!!
Many thanks


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Suspect that gasket is made for quick goo-free install at factory or dealership;
no so much of a concern for DIYers.
When it comes to metal gaskets, raised part of gasket goes towards the part being installed, IF the gasket isn’t a one-way fit.

Also, NEVER put sealant on a paper gasket(unless it indicates such-very very rare). Gasket’s are designed to seal by themselves. Introducing an extra layer of sealant creates another leak point, and also puts improper (unequal) torque on the gasket. I can’t even remember how many comebacks I’ve seen some techs have had because they did the silicone/gasket/silicone “trick”.
You either use silicone as the sealant or a gasket, not both at the same time. This doesn’t include front structures, oil pans, or other areas that need a small dab in a multi-part sealing surface.

For what it’s worth, I’ve seen much fewer leaks from metal gaskets than paper. This, obviously, has every thing to do with the mating surfaces of both parts, and the quality of the machine work. If the mating surfaces don’t look great, then you’re better off with a paper gasket. If you need to hold a paper gasket in place, use a quick spray of headliner adhesive on the gasket.

As far as the water pump goes, 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ parts these days are hard to track. I realize you’ve already purchased one… but… I’d look for something middle of the ground(price wise) that has a good warranty and just roll with that.
Don't disagree; I personaly\likely did the Goo+Gasket+Goo thing,
because of my "Belts+Suspenders" sort of mindset, which does bit me occasionally.
In any case, it's held now thru several 100f summers & -20f winters.
I do like those PermaTex HiTemp\HiFlex versions of their RTVs, have never failed me,
instead of cheaper Blue RTVs.
I’ve done it in a pinch when I’ve had to reuse the original gasket(or what was left of it)… it’ll certainly seal up. And I’m sure the few times I’ve had to do it have lasted more than a while too. But you run the risk of the gasket sliding and not being in the correct position(among the other issues). Just better to avoid it if ya can. 🤘🏼
Began my project. Guess what I found as far as OEM gasket. It is metal. So going as planned with what came with new pump, metal. Came off easy once I removed the alternator bracket. Also after removing the fan assembly found some serious cracks around the fan near the clutch base. So ordered new one and will install. Waiting for hoses so soon should have this up and running soon.


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