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    changing my axle

    Thanks Curtis for the parts offer. I'm in Canada and also own a Ford F350 so I do in fact have a 300ft lb torque wrench in my box of tools. Along that same note, I did change the left bearing assembly 2 years ago on my sporttrac but had it done by my local mechanic. Today I replaced the right...
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    changing my axle

    Hi to all, I need to replace the front right 1/2 axle on my 2005 SportTrac. Just wondering if this a job to do myself at home or if I should be sending it out to my trusted mechanic. Symptoms are my right front wheel has a slight wobble / inner and outer movement. It could just be the inner...
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    Lower ball joints

    At the moment I'll just stay with replacing the lower ball joints and keep my eye on things.. Thanks to everyone.
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    2002 4.0 2wd wiring route

    Or you can avoid all wiring using an eMylo remote control switch............sold on Amazon
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    Routing wires

    I was able to follow my antenna lead cable through the firewall ....just a thought
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    Lower ball joints

    Info much appreciated !!
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    Lower ball joints

    Hi to all, this forum looks great ! I am looking at replacing my lower ball joints on my 2005 4WD. Any comments or warnings before I start this project......any brand suggestions? Thanks to all who reply.
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    Trailer towing

    Hi to all ! My first post; I own a 2005 Sport Trac and want to add a trailer brake controller. Besides the factory flat 4 pin plug that exists at the rear is there any other factory wiring that I can look for and use ?? Thanks to all who reply :)