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    04 heated seats not working

    Remove the switch check and see if there is power and ground at the switch. Then see if the power is interrupted when you switch it to the off position. If it has voltage and ground find the wires that lead to the seat heater element. If there is power and ground when turning the seat heater on...
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    It can be the window belt moulding. That's the rubber moulding that runs the width of the window on the outside of the glass. The glass runs against it while going up and down. Water getting in isn't really a problem, the water NOT getting out is the problem. On the bottom of the door itself...
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    Changing Fuel pump

    If you have help (quite a bit of help) you can remove the bed. It's not as difficult as it sounds. On the ground you would have to lower one half of the tank at a time. Support the tank w/a jack, remove one strap and loosen the other strap. SLOWLY lower 1/2 the tank while watching to be sure...
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    Changing Fuel pump

    `You'll need a hose hook to loosen the hose properly. Also spray some lube between the hose and neck on the tank. There is a "ball" inside the fuel fill neck. If you were able to get a siphon hose in there it would be a TINY hose. Very difficult to siphon. Usually we don't drain the tank...
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    2007 Parking brake cable replacement

    How tough a job is a relative term. The cable runs from the pedal through the floor and the length of the l/side frame rail and attaches to each rear brake drum. It's not a job that takes much skill or special tools. But it's not a physically easy job, you'll be on your back for about 90% of...
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    Small Microswitch Under Dash

    More than likely a switch for an aftermarket alarm or remote start. I would have an alarm shop take a look and see if they can figure out what it is prior to you disconnecting anything. If it is an aftermarket alarm disconnecting it could cause the car to not start.
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    You can and should have a compression test done if you believe there is head gasket damage. Do you see coolant in the oil?? You cannot properly diagnose the cooling system with bad or failed parts ie: broken thermostat housing bolt. However slight, that broken bolt is not allowing the cooling...
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    You can try and replace the petcock valve in the radiator....BUUUUTTTT... If there is rust, that means there was not the proper amount of coolant in the cooling system. That is what allows the system to oxidize and rust. You put in a flush and radiator sealant. That's not good. Sealant is...
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    Heat in cab

    Depends on how handy you are... The blend door actuators are under the dash. Google "2010 Sport Trac blend door actuators" You'll see what they look like, then look under the dash below the glovebox and steering column and towards the center. They will be on both sides. Have someone change...
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    Heat in cab

    You will have to check and be CERTAIN your blend door is working properly. If the blend door isn't closing off the cool air 100% you will never get heat. Have someone change the temp settings while you watch and physically see if the blend door moves. The blend door actuators are a common...
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    cruise control problem

    Check the master cylinder. There is a cruise control switch on the front of the master, it has been the subject of MANY recalls. Sometimes instead of bringing the vehicle in for a warranty repair people would simply unplug the switch. Check that first. If it is unplugged, that more than likely...
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    Code Reader recomendations

    Autel makes MANY different scan tools.. This tool reads transmission and abs codes as well as obd 2 codes. As for proprietary codes, it will give you a generic fault code # you can then Google that code and find out what that fault code is. Proprietary codes aren't a big issue. Mainly see them...
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    Code Reader recomendations
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    Code Reader recomendations

    Autel make a good scan tool that can be upgraded. I have 3 different models as a professional tech. They work great and Autel stands behind their products and offers free/cheap updates via the Autel website...
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    Key will not turn in ignition - happened 3 times so far

    The ignition lock cylinder is most likely going bad. The tumblers get worn down much like a key does. 1st if you have one key that is less worn than the other, try using that key. If it continues to happen the lock cylinder will need to be replaced. It's common on older Fords. I replaced mine...