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    05 V6 one owner gem!!

    Welcome !!! Post often !!!
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    A big thank-you to all of our veterans for all of your sacrifices !!!!!!!!
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    New in NW Ohio

    Congrats, and welcome !! Enjoy your Trac !!
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    What did you do to your Sport Trac today?

    On Saturday, I used 3D Insta Shine under the hood to clean it up, got it a full tank of go-go juice, filled the washer bottle, checked the fluids, and aired up the tires.
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    Full synthetic oil

    I had a 2010 F150 with a 5.4. Cam phasers went out. The truck had always had the syn-blend in it, and the engine was pristine. Was just looking at it maybe being "slicker". Guess, if it ain'y broke, don't try to fix it. Will just leave it alone. Thanx, all for your input.
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    Full synthetic oil

    Our 2008 Limited ST has 119k on it. I am considering going to full synthetic Motorcraft oil. The truck has always had synthetic blend, in it since day one. But with the number of miles on it, was wondering if it would be a help, or if it would even matter. Oil is changed every 5k. It is a 4.0...
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    Decided to paint some things...

    I have used the Solutions Finish as well. As stated it lasts 4-6 months. I bought it specifically for the running boards. It's o.k., but not a permanent solution.
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    Plans for my new 2007 ST Limited that I bought recently

    Our 2008 Limited is the same color. Beautiful color with a wash and wax !!
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    2010 Adrenalin

    NICE !!!!
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    2008 Sport Trac Limited

    I worked at the dealership that did the work, but I do not think that had any bearings on the amount of time that I was charged for. The tech clocked the time, and was paid accordingly. "IF I was to do the job, it probably still wouldn't be done". LOL
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    2008 Sport Trac Limited

    A check engine light prompted the EGR valve replacement. My wife said she thought the power steering was intermittent, so we started out by flushing the PS system, and the tech said he noticed the harmonic balancer was needing replacement. Once replaced all was well. Belt, and tensioner, and...
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    End of Line: 2005 XLT Needs New Engine

    I'd probably look into say a Jasper engine or something like that. At least you'd have a warranty, + you'd still own a vehicle that YOU KNOW!! + it'd still be a Sport Trac !!!!!
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    Comment by '"Risky Bizness"' in media 'IMG_4546.jpg'

    FWIW IMO, I'd consider a say Jasper engine, with a warranty. You're gonna give the price of a engine + and still be taking a chance on another used car, that may of been someone else's headache. PLUS you won't have a Sport Trac !!!!!! Yours looks clean enough, IMO, to keep !!!
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    New 2nd gen sport Trac limited owner

    We have a 2008 S/T Limited, in the same color. Ours has the light colored seats, and is a V6. Bought it when I worked for FORD. It had 100,332 miles on it when we bought it, it now has 114,xxx on it . Luv the truck. The color is sharp when it's washed and waxed. It's my wifes work...