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    New in Minnesota

    Welcome !!!!!!!! Good folks here !!!!!!!!!!
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    Time to replace radio

    In our 2008 Limited, we put a SONY XAV-AX1000 6.2" with Carplay and SXM We actually caught it on sale at the time. Works, and performs well. Has a remote as well
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    Looking for your opinion

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    First Day Here

    WELCOME !! Great folks, and ALOT of GOOD information here !!
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    Headed to the shop tomorrow

    Don't hold me to this, but seems to me that its around 12,000 pts.
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    Headed to the shop tomorrow

    Turned out the last time I had my oil changed the oil change guy wrote down the WRONG #'s on brake pad thickness, so that did NOT have to be done. BUT, the rear pinion seal DID need to be done. The tech, (I've known, and had him do my repair work for years), DID find a small oil pan leak...
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    Headed to the shop tomorrow

    I wish I could do my own. Was never shown how.
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    Headed to the shop tomorrow

    Time for front brakes, and turning the rotors. Going with MC/FORD pads, and looks like I have a small seep in the rear pinion seal. Since I went back to work for the dealership, I can at least watch the work get done. Will also use my accumulated FORD PASS REWARDS points. THat will lighten...
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    Good to find other Sport trac owners

    I remember Daktari .. Remember Simba pop?
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    Battery Problem

    Put Odyssey AGM batteries in my 2015 F150 K/R, 2017 F150 K/R, and just tonight put a new Odyssey AGM in our 2008 Sport Trac. Hope they hold up !!!
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    Installed Michelin Defender LTX MS Tires

    Put 4 new Michelin Defender LTX on our Sport Trac last night. Truck now feels solid, rides better, and is quiet. Got rid of the COOPER Discover SRX tires. Pricey, but I'm comfortable with my choice.
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    05 V6 one owner gem!!

    Welcome !!! Post often !!!