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2001 4.0 4X4 auto NO REVERSE

Thread in 'Help Forum' started by Tombstones81, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. Duncan Kimbro

    Duncan Kimbro Active Member 2nd Gen Owner 2 Wheel Drive V8 Engine

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Franklin, TN
    And I hope the locksmith works out OK for you. I’ve read that the Passive Antitheft System (PATS) module can be a real pain to deal with.
  2. Duncan Kimbro

    Duncan Kimbro Active Member 2nd Gen Owner 2 Wheel Drive V8 Engine

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Franklin, TN
    Also, you should be able to program the key fobs yourself using the procedure in the owners manual.
  3. Todd Z

    Todd Z Well-Known Member 2nd Gen Owner V6 Engine V8 Engine

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    Sep 21, 2003
    Long Island, NY
    Could be the ring around the key in the column or the key itself.......

    Just sounds like you got a rash of old high mileage used vehicles and are having the typical pains of buying abused vehicles........
  4. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    The 05 is making me think its the key itself.
    As its not a dealer key & just a plain cheap copy.

    as for abused, not this one.
    As I said in the earlier post, it was Well taken care of by one owner up to 120K & always serviced Regularly at an actual Ford Dealership & not just some random garage.

    The 01...
    I wont know that trucks history until the parts come in the mail & I drop them off at the garage & write down the vin number.
    Unless its on my insurance info... sec

    Nice! it was.

    First owner put 37K on it
    2nd owner took it to 165K
    Some actual dealership services.
    Mostly just registration updates at the Pa DMV, which I thought were the owners at first. haha
    No accidents.

    So nothing bad at all with either.
    & nothing Major after acquiring either, just the usual minor BS.

    Abused? No idea if the 01 was
    I am going to say the 05 was definitely not, if it was professionally serviced every single time the manual says to.

    No locksmith today.
    Stupid amazon problems, has $1500 of my money in limbo.
    Locked my account for questionable activity, buying PC parts for my next build.
    Then they "Rolled my account back" to before I made the purchases & "Said" they cancelled them.
    But the money is "Pending" still & has me stuck waiting on it.
  5. Todd Allen

    Todd Allen Member 2nd Gen Owner 4 Wheel Drive V6 Engine

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    Jan 28, 2020
    Quite the read here! haha. It sounds like it may have belonged to a PI or something. I have a 2001 Sport so I feel your pain. :)
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  6. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    hahaha ty
    No update yet.

    Still waiting on one last part for the 01.
    Then buy a rotor locally & have the shop fix it. (not the trans if its still acting up)

    Amazons F up still has $1500 tied up in limbo (aka: Pending)
    So no extra money for the Locksmith, just for the 01 repairs.

    the 05 has been Much better tho.
    Still gotta be careful.
  7. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    FINALLY got the 01 back from the garage that towed it per the local PIG request!
    (PIG is just a bad cop, I respect Good cops!)

    I gave them all of the parts, except one.
    (used parts but were in better condition then the originals were)
    Axle, Knuckle assembly, upper control arm, wheel bearing, abs sensor.
    (new parts)
    Rotors, Inner & Outer Tie rods on both sides, lower ball joint, & apparently the brake caliper mount was Bent.

    total bill.... $460~!!!!

    No sense in arguing with those assholes~!!!!
    $75 for the Reman Caliper with Mount as he said he couldnt get Just the mount. (price is accurate as I looked)
    $75 for the tow, which REALLY pissed me off~!!!
    He said if I had them fix it, I wouldnt have to pay for the towing or the storage cost.
    AND the tow initially quoted was $50~!

    & Now I am fucking PISSED~!!!!
    (grabbed the paperwork)
    Steering Knuckle - $175.89
    Axle Shaft - $114.33

    Removing the axle from mine & the one from the junk yard took me SECONDS~!
    They had to remove Nothing to install the axle, as I already removed it all.
    So they just had to slide & tap it right into place.
    Steering Knuckle assembly was just, what like 4, 5, or 6 bolts~!!!!!
    Lower ball joint shouldnt take more then 10 minutes at a "professional shop"
    & the inner tie rod shouldnt have added that much more "labor time" at a "Professional shop" either~!!!

    Minus the inner tie rod, I could have had that all done myself in ONE Hour~!!!!
    But since I couldnt do it at the curb & my yard is 100% grass, I had no choice.
    The inner tie rod looked to give me the most trouble even with renting the proper tool, so I had them do it.
    Assuming an "Honest" shop to get it done in no more then 2 hours!

    Which it took them no more then 2 hours if they started working on it when they called me about the brake caliper mount & said they were pulling it in~!!!

    $290.22 in labor cost divided by $80 an hour = 3.62
    So it took a "Professional Shop" 3 fucking Hours and like 40 Minutes to do that work??!!!!!

    The Steering knuckle assembly was 100% together!
    (upper control arm, wheel bearing, & abs sensor on it)

    They did not install the other side Inner & Outer tie rods~!!!! (still unopened on my seat!!!!)

    didnt even give me an alignment after ripping me off!!

    was about to bitch that they didnt set the outer tie rod to match the old "space" that you measure.
    but the old assembly is still on the porch.
    So I will do that myself.

    I took the parts off my truck & the parts off the one at the junk yard.
    Neither took that long!

    Its whatever, im done bitching.

    The 05 has not acted up like it did before.
    Just turn the key into On & if Theft is blinking, turn the key off & try again.

    Only problem with the 05 now (certain problem)
    Is that I have to take the Instrument Cluster out & repair the solder points for the main plug and/or plugs.
    As every single meter, gauge, light, etc is acting up.
    and tapping on it makes it work, indicates a bad connection.

    I just need to buy a smaller solder iron & thin solder.


    Still no Reverse
    As expected but I was hopeful it had to do with the damages that got repaired.

    So the 01.......
    Repair or Replace the transmission
    Replace the Driver side tie rods since that shop can go fuck themselves now!
    Replace drivers side wheel bearing
    Repair whatever is causing the ABS light to be on

    & dont even try to defend that shitty ass shop please.
    They quoted me the first time i went down there.
    $50 tow fee
    $80 an hour labor if I supply the parts
    & they will waive the tow fee & storage if I have them do the work.

    Charged me $75 tow fee
    Charge me the labor time cost it would take a "professional shop" to do that job 4+ times!!!

    As I said, every single part was just a straight bolt on.
    Only the lower ball joint & tie rods had to be removed & replaced.

    Luckily with that Government $help$ coming from the virus problems, should be more then enough to cover the 01 repairs that are left.
    As I am married with 3 kids
    ($1200 per adult "X2", $500 per child "X3")

    Will talk to the neighbor some more as soon as I see him, on the transmission.

    Biggest problem with that tho...
    Having two of the same vehicles but different years is a real bitch!
    Found myself looking up 05 Transmissions instead of 01~!!
    Made that mistake when I bought the 01 brake rotor.
    Accidentally bought an 05 & luckily I noticed my mistake when I was in the parking lot! hahaha
  8. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    Looking up Transmission cost (reman & new)
    Came across this.

    this part caught my eye
    "Loss of certain gears can occur due to issues in at least two other circuits. Loss of solenoid oil due to end plug leakage can cause no Reverse, and loss or 3rd or 4th and can be repaired with 37947-13K. Leakage at the coast clutch valve can result in loss of 4th, 5th, or engine braking (you can eliminate leakage with 37947-33K)."

    and this
    No/Slow Reverse:
    The SSA solenoid must be turned on, allowing flow through the solenoid, or direct clutch will not apply until EPC rises to 20 psi. The direct clutch psi will then slowly rise following EPC until clutch holds. Always install new servo pistons. Both servos are charged on the release side in reverse. Inspect the center support sleeve, sealing rings and direct drum sleeve for cracks. Ensure the vehicle has line rise, as reverse will not engage until line is 120 psi."

    Should I look into those first? (inspect for faults)

    & no check anything lights are on.
    If anything in the trans that can throw a code be faulty.
    Can it be checked even if there is no lights on?
  9. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    After a ton more of reading & watching videos on the 5r55e transmission....

    As long as I can get a good Flat spot in my yard.
    Going to drop the pan tomorrow first & the filter.
    If there is no metal and/or shavings in the pan or filter.

    Then I am left with 2 possibilities.
    or at least 2 possible locations.

    Location 1. Valve body area
    Read theres a few parts around there that might be the problem.
    Also hard to find Specific information on a Specific transmission.
    Keep getting results for different 5r55 transmissions.

    Location 2.
    worst case scenario....
    The reverse band in the rear of the trans.

    Going to rain all weekend but it will be 60* and sunny in Pa tomorrow.
    So I want to get the pan & filter out.
    & if no metal, the valve body as well.

    Then just inspect the parts inside.

    Hoping its the valve body & not getting enough pressure for Reverse.
  10. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

    Likes Received:
    Feb 18, 2020
    Good news for a change!!!!

    Dropped the pan & the filter.....

    ZERO metal of any kind, other then the typical Particles on the magnet.

    Fluid was dark with it all in the catch pan, but still red.
    No burnt smell, etc etc

    Next I will drop the Valve Body & inspect that for any damage or clogs.
    & that will be when its dry enough to do so.
    Rain tomorrow & Sunday.

    Going to do some more research on what other parts around the valve body can cause the problem.

    For starters im looking at doing this.

    Not sure which I want to get Yet, will see after I inspect the valve body.

    The shift correction & rebuild kit

    or the whole F'in show!
    Reman valve body with the Works already installed.

    I will take the valve body to a transmission shop to be professionally inspected before I spend $400 on a shot in the dark.

    Also got reminded of One more problem with the 01 that needs fixing.
    Oil leak somewhere in the middle or bottom of the engine.
    As there is Zero leak indication on anything on top.
    Will look into it further on top tho.

    & Honestly, im thinking its Not the reverse band.
    Driving it up on the ramps, the drivers side slid out & only got up on the passenger side.
    Tried reverse a few times just for the hell of it.
    It doesnt move but the RPMs chug, choke, gurgle, hesitates etc for like 5+ seconds then acts like neutral.
    (doesnt go over 2500 RPM to 3000 RPM until after the 5+ seconds)

    So if it was the band, it would just act like neutral 100% of the time, the very second its put into reverse.
    Thats what my common sense is telling me at least.
    As that band engages for reverse.
    So if that was truly broken, it wouldnt even Try in any way shape or form.

    Tomorrow I'll send the wife to get the soldering iron & solder & fix the 05 gauge.
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  11. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    Well, no luck with the 05 gauges ><
    Easy as hell to get out at least!!!

    No solder points were visually damaged in any way.
    the 2 harness plugs to the truck didnt appear to have any damage or wear.

    But I still refreshed a Ton of solder points on the board.
    Each time I took it out & tested it with zero luck. (each part I added fresh solder to)

    & and course, there was yet ANOTHER one of the GPS parts behind the friggin cluster!!!

    I'm thinking the board And the wire plugs are the problem.

    So I will just replace them both!

    Local used parts warehouse has a cluster for $50
    Called yesterday & no answer, so they might be closed during this craziness.
    & I just have to find replacement end wiring & plugs that go from the harness to the cluster.

    already jiggled & fiddled with the wires further back from the plugs & they cause no issues.

    No updates on the 01 yet.
    Been busy with other matters & didnt take the valve body off yet.
    When I do, even if I find an obvious problem.
    I'm still going to take it to a transmission shop to be checked out.
    As well as the Reverse Servo.
  12. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

    Likes Received:
    Feb 18, 2020
    Well, for the 01 so far, I will call it for what it is.....
    Me just being lazy! hahaha
    I will try to kick myself in the ass today & get out there & get the valve body off.
    If the wife gets home early enough.

    Some good & pissed me off news on the 01 as well.
    Registration on it has been suspended for awhile when my insurance lapsed shortly after getting the truck. (hard times)
    Couldnt send the plate in to serve the 3 months as my car was down for awhile.

    Got a letter the other day stating its good on April 30th & I just have to pay the fee.
    Which I already did. (good news)

    Now what pissed me off.
    Noticed the other day.... my plate is gone~!!!
    Didnt notice when I picked the truck up after being fixed as it was backed in & I put it in the yard & parked it.

    Wasnt stolen as if someone was to steal it.....
    Who would put the screws back into place after removing it?

    So 2 things happened.
    The local asshole PIGS! (cops serve the public, PIGS serve themselves!)
    The pigs either told to garage to remove it
    or they actually came in my yard & took it off.

    but why am I pissed off??
    Just like when they were towing it...
    They left NO NOTICE!!!

    Dont care about the plate, as when its fixed.
    I will just go renew the registration & get a new plate.
    What pisses me off is these pigs dont even care enough to write a note & either leave it in your mailbox or tape it to your door~!!!!
    Informing the public to their Worthless Bullshit "Regulations" they just "Feel like Enforcing" out of the blue! (like my tow job)

    The 05 cluster now...
    Used parts warehouse just friggin sold the one they had in stock & still listed, to someone with the same problem.
    Said 4 days to get another & this one will be $100 or $125 vs the $50 for the one they Had in stock...
    So fuck em!
    I bought one of ebay for only $100 with less then 10K miles difference on the odometer!
    +$25 extra for a warranty as well!
    So if it acts the same or acts up within a year... its covered :D

    Going to start looking up local transmission shops now.
    Contact them & see if they can diagnose the Valve Body & Servo.
  13. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

    Likes Received:
    Feb 18, 2020
    Finally got off my ass & took it out! haha

    Can see gasket missing from two spots in the lower left side.
    & is that lower left piston supposed to be loose?



    Is that supposed to be shaped like that? at an angle?

    gasket off
    stopped there for a little bit.

  14. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

    Likes Received:
    Feb 18, 2020
    Small update.....
    Cant this shit just go Smoothly???
    Instead of BS that pisses me off?!

    Bought the 05 sport trac gauges off ebay
    151K miles listed & a clear pic of the dash from the side view.

    Heres what i got in the mail yesterday.......


    LUCKILY I only live 2 hours away from them :D

    Calling them later & if they give me ANY bullshit...
    Im taking a drive & raising hell~!!!

    Messaged them on ebay & told them send me the one I actually Bought & this one will then be sent back & a positive review will be posted.
    As everything will be fine & squared.


    But if I have to drive down....
    Im flippin shit & demanding gas money too!!!

    No idea how they can Possibly send the wrong part.
    Theres TOO MANY differences for one thing!
    They printed the label out the day I bought it (Thursday)
    But didnt mail it until Monday!

    Im thinking they didnt have my set of gauges anymore & just tossed these in.
    Could still just be a mistake tho, but I dont have that kind of luck~!

    Im 99% sure I will simply be stuck getting my money back because they no longer have MY part.
  15. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

    Likes Received:
    Feb 18, 2020
    Forgot to update.
    Been busy buying & laying new flooring.

    Called them up the other day. (gauges)
    Could not locate the part I bought.... of course!

    So they are going to try and get me another one.

    Have to look into it further, but I think I only have a month to return the part & get my money back.
    Just in case they are trying to stall for that month, to rip me off.
    So they dont have to pay more $$ getting me the gauges I paid for!

    Will contact ebay to inform them of the situation.
  16. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    No update on the 01
    Been assuming most transmission places are closed with this BS.
    & money tied up elsewhere.

    The 05 was down for a week & 1/2......
    Steering Column Shift Tube Assembly snapped.

    ^same exact process.

    The typical loose bolts down above the brake pedal problem.
    Made it hard to get it into park andddddd I kind of got a little too pissed off & slammed it into park to hard
    Then the lever turned into a limp noodle (no thats not what she said)
    Fixed that yesterday

    Sending out my gauges this week to be repaired & the front lens replaced.
    Should have done that from the beginning~!!!

    and as soon as I can get to a junk yard (if they are even open)
    Going to get this done!

    Surprised as Hell that I actually found a straight up simple write up on changing the center consoles!!!
    The 05 only has like 3 out of 6 parts of its crappy one if you were to look at a diagram.
    So im going to get the one in the How To because its also in my 01 & comfy as hell~!

    & lastly....
    These Might be my last Sport Tracs
    Unless the 02 & 03 & 06 dont have any "Ford can go out of business & fucking BURN" half ass bullshits that should have been Factory Recalls~!!!!!!
    Steering FAR AWAY from any 04 or 05's
    even if $150 to $250 will fix the gauges for good.
    It should have been a factory recall & is unacceptable~!!!

    & I read somewhere that the 5r55e transmission was only used in the 01???
    More "Should have been factory recalled" bullshit~!!!
    I dont care if it happens in 50K or 150K!
    The amount of people having problems with these transmissions is unacceptable!

    So if I EVER get another sport trac.
    I will have to look into problems with the 02, 03, & 06's as I only like the look of the 1st Gen.

    Love these trucks~!!!!
    But if theres typical BS Avoidable factory faulty problems with those years too.
    Then these will be my last 2 ST's

    & never ever buying another Ford again~!!!

    Its sad when my 02 Pontiac Grand Am with 260K (original!!!!) is 100X more reliable then Both of these trucks~!
    Always loved Pontiacs~!!!

    So when my gauges come back.
    If they are working 100%, I will share the link to which one I used, as I have seen there are DOZENS of people fixing these~! (also getting LEDs put in)
  17. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    Well, its been awhile.....
    Been busy with a new motorcycle & tossing money at that without hesitation vs 4 wheels... not so much! hahaha
    Which is a 99 Suzuki Bandit 1200S.
    Bought for $2300 with only 8150 miles on it & 100% original & garage kept.

    The 01 transmission problems.... still untouched!
    Its just been too hot to work on Anything!
    I was hardly even touching the bike when I had it in my cellar to work on (upgrading parts)

    Right now I am thinking it was me that possibly caused the problem.
    Read that the transmission fluid level is VERY important with these piece of $h!t 5r55e's.
    & soon after buying the truck, I checked the trans fluid level & it looked like it needed a little bit.
    So I added some & actually went a Little bit above the full mark on the stick.

    Between that & the valve body gasket Possibly being damaged & not being damaged from removing the valve body....
    I am just going to replace the gaskets, filter, etc
    reinstall the valve body & refill it with fresh fluid & not over fill it by even a hair!
    Which I have had the gasket & filter kit for a week now
    Just been too hot 90*+
    & I DO NOT work well in the heat, as I WILL break something! haha

    So if that doesnt work.....
    I will probably swap the rims over to the 05, the center console, anything else I could possibly use & just junk it.
    As I am also unsure of the front end from the parts that shoddy @$$ installed.
    Either needs an alignment (VERY BADLY!) or more new parts vs the used ones I had them install.

    The 05............ :mad:
    2 trucks & 1 car......
    Fix vehicle, another breaks.
    Fix one part.... another breaks!!!! :mad:

    Got the gauges fixed
    & I gotta say... this truck does NOT like it when the gauges are funky!
    Missing? DONT EVEN DRIVE IT!
    Had my wife run to the store while the gauges were being fixed (GPS speedo app)
    The truck would NOT charge the battery & started running like GARBAGE!

    Gauges came back fixed & reinstalled.
    Truck ran better then it ever did~!!!
    So much so, that sometimes I couldnt even tell if the truck was still running while sitting at a stop light!

    until a week later just a couple days prior to a 3.5 hour drive to the beach.........

    Measured & went to EVERY autozone, pepboys, & advance auto in the area...
    No adapters like I needed...
    grabbed it on amazon tho. :D

    Also grabbed a Recip saw for cutting the stock pipe.
    Which I also need to replace the Same section of pipe on my 02 grand am!
    Got a flex pipe to replace that clamp area on that car.
    Just hope I can clamp it & it doesnt HAVE to be welded......

    & with so many problems with the 05 because of the gauges.
    It wasnt driven that much since Feb after buying it.
    Week prior to the beach trip, I go & change the oil....
    Only been 2500 miles but I would prefer fresh oil in a 3.5 hr trip.
    Remove the drain plug & I see THIS!
    LUCKILY the threads in the pan are longer then the bolt.
    So I just bought a longer bolt & cut it down to be a little longer then the stock one... & Success!

    & the gauges I got fixed here
    Zero problems until the other day.
    Had them replace the gauge lights with LEDs & one or two started flickering.
    Might not be the gauges themselves & forgot about it for now.
    Not too worried about lights atm.

    & after FIVE MONTHS I finally got the title for the 05
    all this virus BS & then they got my phone number mixed up by a digit!
    Tax, Tag, Registration, & Transfer....... $430... (from NJ to PA) :mad:

    So now I have to....
    01: toss in new gaskets in the valve body & reinstall that & refill.

    05: repair the exhaust.
    Inspect the front end thoroughly as it just feels... "loose" when the road isnt smooth or bumpy
    Already checked the passenger side & nothing is loose & wheel bearing is Ok.
    & then inspect everything else as the truck wasnt even inspected when I bought it (didnt realize)

    Grand am: exhaust repair
    & check a whole SLEW of other BS that Shoddy ass shop told me is wrong with it & why they couldnt inspect it.
    Like the whole rear end being rotten........
    When its actually only the bumper (its a HUGE piece of metal that is below the bump body & the foam below that)
    & check the brake & fuel lines.
    Luckily I can still buy the whole assembly of those preassembled & ready to just be installed.

    Finally down to 80*, so once the wife gets home.
    I will go out & fix the 05 exhaust IF I can get the bolts out without problems.
    Already got them to spin, but the rear nut is also spinning.
  18. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    No go......
    Replaced the valve body gaskets & the gasket & O rings on the round part in the corner area that I cannot remember the name of....

    Same BS as before...
    Reverse is 100% neutral
    if I hang the revs up and drop it into reverse, the engine sputters but the truck does not move whatsoever.

    I put in 5 quarts & tried it, no good.
    6 quarts, still the same.

    I guess from sitting empty so long.
    The trans dipstick is 100% seized, sticking out 2 inches unable to come out or go back in......
    So there is no way to check it atm, thats why I didnt go over 6 quarts.
    Even a good large pair of pliers on the metal stick couldnt budge it~!!
    Maybe that will change with some fluid sitting in it now.

    & I guess it had a more severe oil leak then I thought.
    didnt leak a lot prior.
    but to leak while it just sat there for 6 months? no!
    First start in 6 months & it was smoking like CRAZY from oil leaking as it sat, for a good 10 minutes!!

    One junk yard offered $550.
    Going to call around to some more tho.

    My very first truck & I f**king love the thing....
    Just not worth the money that is needed to go into it.
    Between the Trans, the oil leak (pretty sure I know where it is & wont be a cheap fix), & the rust under the truck.

    Just going to junk it.
    But swap what I can, what is a direct swap, & whats in better condition to the 05 sport trac.

    Think the front calipers on the 05 are in need of a rebuild.
    the 01 has one brand new caliper & the other is perfectly fine (gotta look up if they fit)
    The shocks on the 01 look to have been replaced recently vs the 05 look original & rusted.
    center console tossed in the 05
    & swapping the rims over.
    already swapped the front 2 as I need to get an alignment.
    the inside of the front tires wore down to wires vs the rest is at 50% tread. (no suspension or wheel bearing issues)

    already fixed the exhaust on the 05, cant even tell its running at idle again! :)
    Just need to get it in for an alignment & inspection now.
  19. Tombstones81

    Tombstones81 Member 1st Gen Owner

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    Feb 18, 2020
    Just going to leave one more message to bring this to a close.

    Sold the 01 ST for $575 to the junk yard.
    Was too rusty underneath & the oil leak in the bottom of the engine to bother throwing that much money into fixing or replacing the trans & other issues.

    Driving that sucker on the highway to the junk yard was some SCARY shit tho~!
    Couldnt go too much over 55/65mph.
    Garage that ripped me off & installed the knuckle, axle, & other parts did one hell of a sh!tty job doing so!
    Anything faster & I would have wrecked on the first bump in the road! haha

    Now dealing with the PATs security BULL$h!T issues with the 05 AGAIN......
  20. Todd Z

    Todd Z Well-Known Member 2nd Gen Owner V6 Engine V8 Engine

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    Sep 21, 2003
    Long Island, NY
    sometimes that's the best way.

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