2005 sport trac xlt throwing coolant everywhere

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Sold out. Rockauto or eBay or Amazon. That’s it. And make sure you buy the right one because there are many different options.
...need an aluminum thermostat assembly for my 2010 Sport Trac
Aluminum version of the ThermoStatHousing
with one ClipMtHole for the single TempSensor should work for later 2010 V6~4.0L~SOHC engines.
Also the TriFlangeTopCoverToRadiatorHoseBarb should be the ForwardRouted version;
can resuse the OEM Plastic TriFlangeTopCover if you had to, it will fit the AluminumHousing.
If you mistakenly buy a two TempSensor version, can use an Alum\Stainless\Brass PipePlug\Bolt
from your local plumbing\hardware store to fill the extra hole.
Click here for more info.
Then you need to use the 99 to 01 sensor if he goes that route. He could just buy the double sensor and leave it in or buy the one with the single plug. Could also reach out to me as I have many of spare parts I could also help him out make it the right way. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Good information on the aluminum thermostat housing…..they last forever ….blew out a plastic one …tried to get to work …expansion tank was full of water ….which did not get sucked in because of leaking housing….,blew a head gasket….be aware….thermostat R/R is not cheap to put in $400. Part included…not super hard to do…but tricky…little fingers help…and a. Friend. Everything gets crusty…don’t like doing it…don’t like paying either.
YouTube helps …good luck

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