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Jul 13, 2021
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My ST is primarily used for camping and has lots of scratches from overhanging trees and thrown rocks. After doing frame swap a few years ago I'm worried about rust starting soon on body panels. Thinking about Herculine or Raptor liner type material to pain entire truck. Thoughts? Examples?
its been done, can be done with the right prep it will hold up, Just getting into the fine areas sucks and thats where the rust forms.
Something to think about, if you go with a name brand and have someone do it, it’ll probably cost double what a normal paint job will run, if not more. Most spray in liners are 5-800.
I did detailing, and we would do underbody treatments, we would use red hot a acid degreaser and run fans over night to get dry, then spray, the problem is as todd mentioned, where mounts etc, this is stress points that will fail from rust, unless you remove body then spray it is a bandaid, i would do as you mentioned in a heartbeat and i use chemical guys orange degreaser, as no longer buying from distributor, hard on rubber but good for metal.
I saw a truck (not a st, actually a tundra) that was raptor lined. I spoke with the owner and he said that he did it himself. It looked amazing. Much better than plastidip. He said that the liner reduced inside noise. He also said it was very difficult to clean. I didnt see any of the tight spots/joints etc.