Anyone done a 4.6 to 5.2 stroker?

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Mar 8, 2011
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My 2010 STA Blown Adrenalin just clicked 101k - thinking I want to rebuild with a 5.2 stroker and a fresh blower -

Anyone done anything like this? I have seen 5.0 Coyote swaps that have had transmission issues - the 5.4 swap with the 6 Speed - but again issues -

I have enjoyed 500rwhp for 100,000 miles - the 4.6 3V - blown - and want to get another 100k


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Modular motors builds some sick 4.6 bottom ends and motors. ... Maybe them.
I gave up the whole idea of a SC on the adren.
I built a Whipple F150 instead....
Haven’t seen a stroker ST. But a few mustangs with the setup, mostly NA, and a couple turbo.

100k? My blower went on the truck at 195k, and currently sitting at 220k. A recent compression test showed she’s still very healthy. I do have new rod bearings, HV oil pump, and, chains/guides/tensioners/sprocket to go in fairly soon though(maybe in a couple oil changes). I borescoped the timing cover to check the guides and chains and they still look really decent. These 4.6’s are damn stout! So if you’re worried about miles, it’s just getting started. But if you’re making an excuse to pull the trigger on the 5.2, then yes… yes you should. lol 😜

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