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Just be careful : lots of miracle device con jobs out there.
Curious, what exactly is an "Induction Flush"?
Did same salesman come up with that $100 Moniker for a $3 SprayCan of Carb+IntakeCleaner?
You could be right about the spray can but he led me to believe it was more than that. I probably got suckered a little but I have spent so little money on repairs over the years that I said “yeah, go ahead”. Haha. But I am retired and have money to burn so there’s that…
I have a 2004 XLT Sport Trac with 134,000. Had the original spark plugs replaced at 132,000 and they also did an induction flush, total cost $475. The vehicle runs like brand new again. Was wondering if anyone has heard of an aftermarket device that improves the fuel economy. The salesman was telling us about some part to purchase that helped with MPG.
Induction flush is a good thing. It's a combination of two cans they use. My place uses BG products. Definitely work for removing carbon build up
I agonized about replacing the 2 piece spark plugs that FORD decided to put in my 2007 Sport Trac when they built it. Should I change them or not? If any break I need to get the extractor tool, but dealers always charge a lot of cash to do things like this (that I've always done myself)!
Any rate, I decided to take it the dealer that I bought if from. The price was fairly reasonable, but they asked if I wanted to have the engine decarbonized. I don't usually spend for things like that, but I said "OK" since it seems part of the plug breaking issue is carbon build-up around them. Well, no plugs broke and they completed the job. The price was not cheap but again, was fairly reasonable. I think the decarbonizing may have helped with the removal/replacement. I think it was probably a good decision in this case.
The plug design/type is one a few things that I believe that was faulty design/decisions that FORD should never have sent a new truck out with...JMHO!
I've fixed/had fixed all but two of the other known Gen 2 issues that I know of. It has like 80,000 actual miles on it so I'll probably have it until I croak so I may get to correct the other two that I know of.....LOL!
Obama did not have a sport trac.
Did they not make a "Presidential" SportTrac,
you know the version with 600ci Engine & an extra 10kLbs of ArmorPlating & BulletProofGlass ?
I tried to quote Ole with this question but was unsuccessful.. What are the other 2 well known issues you mentioned beside the plugs? I'm getting ready to change the plugs in mu 2010 Ltd and I have an extractor tool on standby should I need it. I read somewhere that Ford changed the head in 2009. Loving my ST
I like Moog front end parts. I've used their stuff for 40 years with no issues
I like Moog's premium "Problem Solver" line too. Like other brands, Moog's issue has always been their rubber boots failing long before the actual ball joint or outer tie rods. It's hit or miss whether Moog will warranty the ball joint because of a faulty boot. There are no direct replacement boots listed although aftermarket polyurethane replacements have been used. Moog's service grade "Quick Steer" suspension and steering parts line is no better than other budget brands.

Moog redesigned their LOWER ball joints with more reliable "integral" boots years ago.
Moog's UPPER ball joint boots haven't changed and are still failure prone.