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Oct 2, 2006
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Anybody know the meaning of the Motorcraft "nest" number. See the following pic...
This is the DDM from an '03 Lincoln Town Car that I have the dubious honor of diagnosing all its electrical issues. (This one is borked so don't worry that the door code is right there).
Anyway, I replaced it with the exact same P/N but a "nest 2". Everything worked but the FOBs would not program, even tried programming them through ForScan but it would not "see" the FOBs. Also the doors would not unlock with the door buttons, it would lock though. Even checked the "as built" data for my VIN number and this DDM contained the same code.
Returned that one and ordered a "-AF nest 1". This one works! FOBs programed easily. One electrical issue down, three to go.
I can't find any info on what the "nest" number means.
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