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Shelby Sport Trac

Shelby Sport Trac Build
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V6 Engine
4 wheel drive
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Dec 1, 2022
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Beckley WV.
What engine do you have?
V6 engine
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What Generation is your Sport Trac?
2n Gen Owner
No heat. Replaced the thermostat. I have heat now. But only when I’m moving. Heat doesn’t warm up enough to thaw the windshield at startup. Did I miss something?
Blead / Burp the air properly ??
Is the level 100% full.
Check the heater control valve function.
Could be the Check valve in the vaccume line on top of the computer under the hood.
Thanks for the info. It all started from a leaky transmission line on the bottom of the radiator. Heat didn’t work after that. Had a new thermostat installed. It was low on coolant. Topped it off. No heat at idle.
Pull the vacuum line to the heater core control valve and see if it changes.

I haven’t had mine hooked up for years. Having stagnate coolant sitting in the core just seems like a bad idea.

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