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@Todd Z any chance you have links for the above tool and sensors you used?
(so I can be lazy and not have to figure out compatibility?)
Todd were you able to program the autels to the OEM computer so it recognizes them and harmonizes with it?
Well, the TPM warning light is back on my dashboard again. Same deal, drove about 30 miles and the bell and light went on. Since I have all new TPM‘s installed on my new tire/wheel combo I know it’s not them. Do I just live with it? Will the $20 Autel thingamabob turn it off? Will it stay off? The auto mechanics around here so far can’t seem to figure it out but they do find a lot of other things they tell me my truck needs when I bring it in. The good news is that now that I’m an old guy I no longer G.A.S. about small stuff on my vehicle.I can live with it if it’s a ridiculous sum to fix such a meaningless problem…
Thanks DFK
I just got new tires and at first the earning logger stayed on. Now a couple of months later the light stays off for weeks and then comes on. Not sure if it is broken or not as I am having air leaks. Garage said the batteries are dead on two but then later the lights went off. Don’t see how they can be dead then work for weeks then be a problem.
Anybody try replacing a faulty TPMS with the ford OEM band around the rim deal?
To all that have provided input to this TPMS thread / thank you. I’ve been patiently hoping the alarms would go away. Wrong! I’ll be taking it to the dealership shortly and will report back with the results.
My regular shop which is a Speedy Muffler I trust but they could not fix the tpms problem. My 20 in aluminum rims were leaking and they did grind clean the edges and were the valve stems sit. Don’t have enough volume and experience on the Tpms. Was thinking I needed to go to a Ford dealer for a shakedown but was buying something at Canadian tire and thought I would ask them. Ended up getting Canadian Tire Automotive ( high volume place/low cost) to do it as they were pretty non chalant about it and the exact service for my truck model year was in the computer. they said one OEM tpms was dead and one was just missing entirely! Replaced with new two new valve stem ones and reprogrammed them. Cost $198. As I drive away the light went on again. Immediately went back. The mechanic drove it a block could not get it to replicate . Now a week later and the light is still off. Seems to be fixed! Fingers crossed.
Latest update to the ongoing battle. Bought the Autel AL319 color scanner as recommended by this forum. Drove until TPMS light came on. Pulled over and ran a scan of the system. Scanner response : “ No codes are stored in the module. “Hit Clear Codes” and drove. TPMS light and annunciation remained on. I can clear the annunciation, but bell goes on again and the annunciation panel light up.
Back to square one. I believe next step is Ford Dealer for diagnostics. Thought’s appreciated.


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The frequency has to be right.
Also the system checks for pressure every 4 hours when not in use and every 20-25 min of driving.
I have not read the whole thing, But either the sensors are wrong frequency or the BCM is bad. The BCM SUCKS to replace...

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