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    Which one would you reccomend?

    Check with either Dingo, Explorer Express, or Zabtek. What is the price for the Scanguage from these members? Thanks
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    Hot Tub?

    We have a Vita spa and have had it for 8 years. It has had a computer replaced under warranty and I had to replace the water pump last year at a cost of around $300.00. It costs around 1 dollar a day electricity to operate. I use chlorine in a floater to disinfect the water. The temp is kept...
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    Air filter

    I just discovered that the air filter just needs to be cleaned and reoiled. Should I do that or install the dry filter I purchased? The filter in it looks clean now. It did have a bug on it and that was all the debris.
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    Air filter

    Need/want to change the air filter on my 2005 Trac. The dealer wants $21.95 and Advance Auto Parts wants $9.95. Which one would you buy?
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    Gas cost?

    Just wondering how much the fuel costs will be for those attending the Sport Trac meet in It is 190 miles to Louisville and I added 40 for the trip to Huber's Farm.
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    water heaters

    A little water heater humor. My wife called me at work and told me the gas water heater had burst and water was flying all over the basement. I called a co worker who was off that day and he went over and shut off the gas, turned the water off in the house, cut the line feeding the heater and...
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    Louisville National meet

    Is the bbq on Saturday evening? I cannot attend if it is on Saturday. Paul Howard Ashland, KY
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    Thank you very much.
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    Todd, which one will we be going to, I want to program my gps with the address. There are three in Louisville.
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    Cheer for the Hilltoppers

    My Grandson Adam Howard is in the Sweet Sixteen in Phoenix. He plays for Western Kentucky and his number is 14. He probably will not get in the game, but he is having a ball and being interviewed by several magazines and tv guys. This has beeb a drean come true for Adam. His parents and...
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    OT: Small power inverter help

    Sams club has an online auction and they always have a two pack of inverters on. I bought a two pack for I think $15.00 and we run a laptop on it a lot. The one I bought was a cigar lighter type that hinges in the middle.
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    Nother friday funny

    Never. We did have a young man with natural red hair and freckles.
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    Nother friday funny

    Very few blonds graduate from KY State. (Black College)
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    computer question...

    My linksys router is connected directly to the modem and the desktop computer that I configured the router with is plugged into the router. I think he will have a problem if one of his computers is connected to the modem and not the router. Maybe not. I have two laptops and two desktops and...
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    Need advice please

    I just emailed Walls Ford to see if they will bid on the contract. I am no longer able to do repairs on my vehicle due to medical conditions and lack of tech tools. I spent 39 years as a mechanic in a steel mill working on everything from lawnmowers to locomotives. The technology has passed...