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Sep 26, 2021
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I have an 08, V8, 4.6, supercharged, and am looking for advice on a good recommendation of performance caliper and rotor kit,
I can’t find a Brembo package for my application, so hoping someone has a good experience. Thx in advance
I'm an original owner of a '08 V8 AWD Adrenalin and I did a Powerstop kit from Autozone based on a recommendation I found on the ST forum. It's better than way stock, but not but not Brembo like. I had 85k and I had the dealer replace the pads and was extremely disappointed. The original pads never really threw much brake dust, but the new pads would coat the factory chrome wheels within 20 miles. I went with this kit because of the ceramic pads (which do no not dust at all). I realize i may give up a little stopping power with the ceramic pads, but again, they are much better than the stock set up. I did have to bed the new pads and rebleed them. I'll say they do look undersized with the 20" wheels, but stop much better. I'll post pics front and rear later today.

Here are a couple pics of the kit installed. This is decent for daily use, (again, better than stock) but not a track ready solution. I was hoping for a little better performance, but the don’t throw any dust and they do stop better (and the red does match the Colorado Red.


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I'm running the Power Stop kit on my 2008 Colorado Red Adrenalin as well. The calipers are actually just rebuilt OEM units that are powder coated red. It's still good deal for a daily driver and you can ship the cores back to Power Stop and they'll mail you a check for a $120 or so IIRC.
Oval auto sells a bracket that you can modify a mustang wilwood kit with larger rotors and calipers. its not cheap but is doable and has been done. maybe 4 grand when all is said and done.
I’m running some slotted only rotors with akebono pads. Again, another upgrade from stock-and recovers quickly-minimal fade, but nothing near a true big brake setup. The other option is to do the 01 aviator setup, which takes the rotors up to 13”( I think). This is the most budget friendly upgrade to get decent sized brakes on the truck. Which it should have come with this size from the factory, considering its towing capabilities 🙄🙄🙄 Really don’t know what ford was thinking here.
There are few threads floating around on the aviator swap 🤘🏼
I am looking to sell the Adrenalin and the Shelby GT350R - I am the proud owner of 15 fused vertebrae - Todd, what’s the market in my red one these days? 106k I think everything is documented here - no rust, one owner, no accidents
I’ve actually been throwing the idea around of selling mine too. Haven’t had luck selling the blower setup. Probably easier to sell it with the truck 🤣

Been wanting to get back into another Audi, maybe an S6 or an A8 this time. Loved my S4. Hell, even an A3 with a big turbo would be fun too, not to mention easier to work on.
I just took it to ShelbyFest and the truck got more traction than a 1300hp 2018 GT350R - just didn’t know about the current market values. I want an Aston Martin Vantage to go with the Vanquish. I have a 12ft trailer that’s my workhorse - I think I did 2100 miles last year
Does anyone know where I can find parts for a 2005 sport trac? I need to find some banjo bolts but I can’t find anything any where for this damn truck! Please someone tell me where I can find parts or what vehicles and parts are interchangeable!?!?!