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Vehicle Wanted Looking for 4WD Sport Trac, relatively low mileage, very open to something built (lift/tires), but stock is fine

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curtis james

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Dec 15, 2004
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beaverton, OR
135k miles is average on market, average price well people are going off what dealers have jacked prices up to. i love tracs but what people are selling them for is crazy in my OPINION, you can get a entry level maveric for 20k, with warranty, the trouble with 11 year plus trucks is fixing or replacing non available parts. look around and you can find deals but 5 years ago you can buy 2010 tracs for 8k with half the miles. the only reason i would buy a trac is the love and there different. but get a 2010, and if the 11 year old trans go out well add another 6k. but if you are going to pull the trigger find a original owned truck and look at maintenance records. people are not going to like this post but just trying to help.

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