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May 14, 2022
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I have located a rebuilt prop for my Johnson motor. However, my existing prop is 12 1/4 X 15 and this one is 11 1/4 X 17. The price is right and I want it only as a spare. Can someone advise what effect the smaller size and pitch will have on my motor, if any. Boat is 16 1/2 aluminum Pro Fisherman and motor is 50 HP.

WRONG group.....
Anybody know where's the section for questions about foot fungis?
TBF, this is 'off topic'.
Yep no doubt about that.
hmm boats off topic, not sure if your can plane easy or not, a 16 with a 50 is close depending on your load but changing blades and pitch helps ya get on plane easier but ya loose on top, my 17 with a 90 pulls quick a alumaweld talon so light, my 19 stryker i went to a more aggressive pitch same blade to pop plane faster but my top speed was less, my 20 intruder i went up a blade but i have a bravo 2 drive so it sat way lower under boat so pushes to plane quicker and gave me more top speed but it has a big motor, it is for ocean and columbia river. getting to plane allows you to glide on top and takes load off motor so your not fighting wake. having a spare blade is great, make sure ya have nut and pin, i have heard guys loose there props and had spare but no nut. if ya bend from something its way better to have one. i would put it on and try it and see how your boat runs and decide which one ya want to run. way easy to change.