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Checked my oil again today... It's STILL clean and full and haven't had to add any since I last changed it almost 3,000 miles ago:


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Got to work today and noticed that my ABS light, which had been on for a month, miraculously cleared itself. Even after leaving work and running a few errands no lights. This came in handy because driving to the end of our little business culdesac hit the brakes and I'd swear I skidded about 100 feet and stopped just before the intersection.
sitting at home in quarantine from COVID, two days in the hospital. I was really down. 4 more to go after today!
sitting at home in quarantine from COVID, two days in the hospital. I was really down. 4 more to go after today!
Get yourself healthy; everything else is low priority in comparison.
Took the SportTrac on a DumpRun;
both OutsideTrashCans were full & had several big boxes for the CardBoardRecycleBin .
For some strange reason, I always enjoy an early morning run to the Dump;
folks that work there are good people, really "trashy", but good people. 😉
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That sucks ED, hope ya get better.
Get well soon Ed..

replaced the alternator, and found out the 2004 model year had two different alternators.. the first one I ordered didn't fit. Returned that for a refund, and took the old one down to the local auto parts place to make sure I got a physical match. Most of the local places have kids behind the desk, but there's an O'Reillys with a couple reliable old guys working there. They were able to find me an alternator that fit.

Problem was sporadic hiccups at idle - battery light came on briefly, engine almost but not quite stalls. On my last 3 cars the only times we've been stranded was with alternator problems, more accurately voltage regulator problems. The Sienna cut out while climbing Vail Pass at 65mph in the fast lane, passing trucks in a blizzard. I thought we were all going to die. Survived that luckily. The Subaru Outback cut out on the way to church once but restarted. The second time it cut out I ended up replacing the alternator in a Walgreens parking lot. The MDX gave up on the way to Minnesota, leaving my wife and son stranded in North Platte NE. That ended up costing nearly $1000, the OEM MDX alternator is over 400 plus labor. I coulda done it at home for under 400.. oh well.

So I have alternator scars, and knowing this was the original alternator I figured it wouldn't hurt to replace it, the serpentine belt and tensioner. If the hiccup shows up again it isn't the alternator at least.
Hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm getting over open heart surgery myself. "6" bypasses. It flat out sux to be sick !!!
sorry to hear that risky,hope you have a full recovery.
The operation itself doesn't really bother me, BUT, where they took the vein out of my leg, is numb, and sometimes painful. I have about 10 more re-hab appointments, and then its just working up to doing whatever I want.

I wasn't trying to high-jack this thread with my own situation, and I apologize. I wasn't in any means trying to undermine Ed's covid situation. I've been fortunate, and missed the covid thing so far. Again my apologies.
Made the drive from Michigan to Georgia for the wife's family reunion. The view was beautiful, and the weather wasn't to bad. I think I would have enjoyed my time more if I didn't spend most of the time driving instead of camping.
Went to the U-haul website looking for a trailer to rent to go to the swap meet this weekend. Filled out the year make model and the website locked up. Big warning popped up about all the liability and law suites against Ford about the Explorers and they won't rent to me.
That happened to me recently so I went to a small Uhaul place and the owner did a workaround.
Just had new front upper and lower control arms (Mevotech) and Moog front shock/struts and sway bar links and bushings installed. Then a top of the line alignment at Woodbridge Alignment for 4x4s and trucks, now drives like a new. Also a few months back put in a new Pat’s Driveline ((Mississauga) drive shaft. I think whatever I spend it is less than a new truck, in Canada 50k to 100k $.
That happened to me recently so I went to a small Uhaul place and the owner did a workaround.
Any details on what that "workaround" was exactly?
Also I have never heard of issues with Explorers towing. Anyone heard of this before?